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Mississippi Style On the Road: A visit to Taylor Grocery

I visited a unique Mississippi eatery last week, and after the experience, I decided that I would create a blog video series called “Mississippi Style On the Road.” Anytime I’m out and about in the state and encounter something interesting, I’ll try to shoot it and share it with you. Above is the first of those videos.

taylorAt least once a week, I eat a Cracker Barrel. I’m sure most reading this know it’s a chain restaurant decorated with antiques and artifacts that looks like an old country store.

But recently I’ve had the pleasure of visiting two “real” old country store restaurants in Mississippi.

The first was Gibbs Old Country Store in Learned. Enter this restaurant, and you may have to wait a while to be seated, but once you have been, the food is worth the wait. This weathered shack is filled with antiques, walls of canned goods, a cash register older than most people living today, and black puppy dog who is a regular.

He stays in the back away from the restaurant area, but patrons can walk by and pet his head if they want. He doesn’t seem to mind.

I had a steak, and it was amazing. That pretty much sums up my review of the food at this place. And the atmosphere is just wonderful if you love nostalgia and visiting places that are out of the ordinary, or in this case, preserved in time.

Last weekend, I also had the opportunity to visit Taylor Grocery for the first time in Taylor, just outside of Oxford.

It was a Saturday night, so we expected a long wait. People were seated on the porch waiting for their turn inside, and after about an hour, we were seated.

The atmosphere was similar to Gibbs Old Country Store, but a little smaller. A band was playing, a bull head hung on the wall, Mississippi car tags decorated the cabinets, and there were many historical Mississippi items on display.

Check out the video above for a glimpse inside.

I ordered a steak, fries and topped it off with peach cobbler.

I even ran into my colleague Billy Watkins, who was there, coincidentally, at the same time with his wife. He seemed to think the catfish was pretty good.

Both restaurants provided a great experience, and I love that Mississippians were able to take these old stores and give them new life.

If you get a chance, go on up to Gibbs and take a trip to Taylor. You won’t be sorry, but be prepared to wait.

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