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Only a few of us think the devil commits domestic violence

devilThere’s a new study out called “22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other.”

I took a look at them, and there’s just something “cute” about how people have different ways of saying things regionally.

The maps linguistically examine how Americans, in different parts of the country, pronounce words like “caramel.”

Apparently Southerners and those along the east coast all the way up to Maine, say it with three syllables, while just about everyone else in the nation uses two.

“Y’all” is a Southern thing, but we already knew that. It’s a lot easier to say than “you guys,” which is what most people outside the South say, except for some in Kentucky, who seem to specifically prefer “you all.”

How do you say pajamas? If it sounds more like “jah,” chances are you’re from the South or the east coast. If it sounds more like “jam,” you live elsewhere.

Mississippians can’t seem to agree on how to pronounce “pecan.” Some say “pee-kahn,” while others say “pick-ahn.” I’m one of the latter.

In Louisiana and Mississippi, we say “crawfish,” while others elsewhere say “crayfish” and “crawdads.” I personally think Louisiana should get to decide this official pronunciation if there is ever a debate.

Most people in the U.S. agree that a long sandwich with cold cuts, lettuce, etc., is called a “sub,” except people in Pennsylvania, who call it a “hoagie.”

And most Americans call athletic shoes “tennis shoes,” except our friends in the Northeast corner who say “sneakers.”

But the best map I looked at that had me laughing out loud was one that asked: What do you call it when rain falls why the sun is shining? Of course, I immediately thought: “That’s when the devil is beating his wife.”

According to the map, only a small number of people in parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama say this! Can you think of any pronunciations or words that only Mississippians use? Feel free to post below.

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