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Is cat fashion a passing trend, or will it have nine lives?

catfashionEvery once and a while, a trend comes along that you may not be able to sink your claws into.

Maybe it’s a style inspired by an Asian motif or the popular Internet meme Grumpy Cat, but like it or not, feline fashion is currently the cat’s meow.

Yes, being a cat lady, for some reason, is cool these days. Check out Pinterest, and you’ll find many examples of this trend that isn’t for scaredy cats who are afraid to be a little quirky.

In addition to finding a cat in a hat, you may find a cat on a dress, tights, sweaters and even a puss in boots. It’s a Meow Mix of clothing that some will find cute and others will find crazy. But for feline fashion addicts, or practicing catholics (I mean cat-holics), there’s plenty on the market, even if you’re not a fat cat with a thick wallet.

However, if you think there’s a chance that looking at these clothes will make you catatonic, you may want to turn the page. Nobody wants to wear something the cat dragged in.

Otherwise, pause for a moment and take a look at this Fancy Feast of fashion. Curiosity probably won’t kill you.

Is cat fashion a passing trend, or will it have nine lives? No one knows.

Would Grumpy Cat approve? She’s probably too busy to care. reported this week that the famous cat, also known as Tardar Sauce, has gotten her people to ink a movie deal for a “Garfield-like” feature film. Will Ferrell and Jack Black are reportedly attached to the project.

This will, of course, all happen after Grumpy Cat’s book tour. She is currently promoting “Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book: Disgruntled Tips and Activities Designed to Put a Frown on Your Face.”

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