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CNN Money names Mississippi Top 10 entrepreneurial state

fountainIf you’re thinking of starting your own business, Mississippi is one of the Top 10 states in which to do it, according to CNN Money.

Mississippi ranked 5 in the list of 10 most entrepreneurial states. According to the website, these states had more start-up activity than anywhere else in the nation.

The study was based on information provided by the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity. What did they say about Mississippi? Mississippi’s 2012 start-up rate was 430 per 100,000 adults.

CNN Money quoted Tony Jeff, CEO of Innovative Mississippi, a non-profit that helps early-stage companies. He said small businesses have been a big part of Mississippi’s economy because we have fewer corporations. And many new college grads start their careers by launching a business here.

CNN Money said: “Start-ups can get help doing research and finding capital through Mississippi State University’s Entrepreneurship Center. They also can enroll in business-training bootcamps offered throughout the state by the Mississippi Development Authority.”

CNN also said many entrepreneurs are being lured to Mississippi because of its growing telecom, tech, oil & gas, and biomass energy industries.

You can read the full article here: http://tinyurl.com/meg8ajf

Best places to launch a business, according to CNN Money

Here’s the complete list:

1. Montana
2. Vermont
3. New Mexico
4. Alaska
5. Mississippi
6. California
7. Idaho
8. Hawaii
9. Louisiana
10. Nevada

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