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Jackson and Natchez named among ‘Top 10 friendliest’ U.S. cities


If you’re planning on visiting or moving to one of the Top 10 friendliest cities in the United States, guess what? You’re already living in one.

Conde Nast Traveler recently named Jackson as one of the Top 10 friendliest cities in the U.S., and Natchez also made the list, tying with Jackson.

In the online magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice Survey, people were asked to rate cities on a number of factors, including “friendliness.” The Top 10 were cities that showed the most Southern hospitality, and all but three of the cities were in the South.

Here’s what the editors had to say about Jackson: “Visitors to Mississippi’s capital—and most populous town—note that ‘friendly people and great food’ make it a worthy stop,” they said. “Its streets are ‘steeped in history’ and dotted with ‘green and pretty’ public spaces. Take an afternoon to sample ‘wonderful barbeque’ and chat with ‘lovely’ residents.”

And Natchez: “Known for well-preserved relics of pre-Civil War architecture, including ‘very beautiful antebellum houses,’ Natchez also boasts a sweetly Southern resident community,’” the editors wrote. “The hospitable population and slower pace of life make Natchez ‘an amazing town to visit and relax.’ In fact, this ‘great undiscovered location’ made one reader ‘feel like a real Southern Belle.’”

The photo above was snapped at a Natchez cemetery.

Here’s how the friendliest town’s ranked:

1. Charleston, S.C.
2. Galena, Ill.
3. Savannah, Ga.
4. Asheville, N.C.
5. Austin, Texas
7. Jackson
7. Natchez
8. Telluride, Colo.
9. Sonoma, Calif.
10. Branson, Missouri

And what about that other group? You know, the cities that could use a little hospitality education? Here’s their rank:

1. Newark, N.J.
2. Oakland, Calif.
3. New Haven, Conn.
4. Detroit, Mich.
5. Atlantic City, N.J.
6. Los Angeles
7. Albany, N.Y.
8. Wilmington, Del.
9. Anaheim, California
10. Sacramento, California
To read the article, visit http://tinyurl.com/pr3wgna

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