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Mississippi native Faith Hill answers questions via Facebook

faith“Mississippi Girl” Faith Hill took a moment last week to answer fan questions via Facebook. Here’s what they asked, and here are some of her answers:

Q. What is your favorite Tim McGraw song?
A. How could I choose? He has a million! “My Best Friend” is a really great one.

Q. Faith, you are my inspiration to follow my dream of being a country singer! I’m a bit curious as to what your inspiration was?
A. I was one of two people who listened to country music at my high school. I definitely wasn’t part of the “cool group” at the time! But when I saw Reba for the first time in concert, I wanted to do whatever it took to make it as a musician. Lots of hard work!

Q. What’s your favorite gospel song?
A. “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

Q. What is your favorite memory from the past shows at the Venetian?
A. Other than the time on stage with my husband in front of such an intimate crowd, the times after the show when the band, crew and our guests hang together after the show backstage, always over amazing food!

Q. What’s your favorite dish to cook?
A. The big Southern Thanksgiving meal that my mom taught me to make.

Q. Do you play your favorite songs to get inspired before a show?
A. I do play a lot of music before a show normally… but I got hooked on “Duck Dynasty” and would watch it before every show at The Venetian!

Q. If you could turn back time to the age of 13, what would you do differently then that would affect your life now?
A. I lost one of my good friends in a car accident at 13. Her name was LaWanda Wansley. We became friends at a school dance when she walked up to me and said “Girl, someone needs to teach you how to dance!” I would have told her to look both ways at the stop sign.

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