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Priscilla Presley says Kanye won’t be buying Graceland

gracelandSome Elvis fans were are all shook up earlier this year about the possibility that Kanye West might be purchasing Graceland, but Priscilla Presley, ex-wife of the late Tupelo native, said it isn’t going to happen.

“There is absolutely no truth to the rumor about selling Graceland,” Presley said on Facebook and Twitter. “From what I understand, this gossip came out of the tabloids in London. This will NEVER happen.”

Presley received a slew of comments from fans.

“Amen! No amount of money will ever see Elvis’ beloved home belong to anyone other than the Presleys! Thank you for saving Graceland all those years ago Priscilla, & Thank you Lisa for sharing your home with all of us,” said one fan.

Others thanked Presley for preserving the home.

“Thank you for the assurance Priscilla,” said Melissa Laster via Facebook. “I made a lot of childhood visits to Graceland while my brother was undergoing cancer treatment at St. Jude, so Graceland is a place very close to my heart. I am SO thrilled to hear that it’s not changing hands…especially ecstatic it’s not getting into (omitted word) Kanye West’s grubby hands!”

Reports surfaced at the beginning of August that West wanted to purchase Graceland for girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

The house, a U.S. national landmark, is owned by daughter Lisa Marie Presley. It attracts a half-million visitors every year and is worth $83 million.

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