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The 15 coolest backpacks for grade-schoolers to grad students

It’s almost time to head back to school, and aside from notebooks and pencils, one of the essential must-haves for all students is a cool backpack. We’ve searched the Internet, and here are 15 of the coolest backpacks for everyone from grade-schoolers to grad students. Even if you’ve already bought yours, you can see if it made the list.

backpack41. The X-ray Backpack. Don’t put any secret items in this backpack. Other students can see right through it, and you too. Great for the practical joker, future med student or neo-goth kid, the X-ray backpack sells for $60.

backpack62. Owl Backpack – The owl motif has returned from the 1960s and ’70s, and is now found almost everywhere. Because of its popularity, your little one might like this patchwork pal to carry with them to school. Peppercorn Kids sells it for $29.99.

backpack53. Bubble Backpack – Several backpacks that are popular right now are textured with 3-D designs, like this pink Bubble backpack from Lord and Taylor for $60. Others have spikes like dinosaurs and lizards.

4. Chewbacca Buddy Backpack  – If your kid inherited the “Star Wars” gene from his parents, he or she might enjoy giving Chebacca a piggy back ride as they carry their books to school.

5. Year of the Tiger Backpack – Maybe your mascot is a tiger? If not, this is still a ferocious print to carry your books in. The Sprayground Year of the Tiger Backpack costs $60 at Shop Jeen.

6. Cheeseburger Backpack – I’m not really sure who would want a backpack with a cheeseburger printed on it. Maybe it’s perfect for someone who’s a fan of the comedy website, or maybe they just really love fast food. This one by Psychobaby costs $40.

7. Universe Backpack – Are you spaced out a lot at school? That’s probably not a good idea. But if you study really hard, you might become a future astronaut, and if you’re shooting for the stars with that goal, this is the perfect backpack for you. You can find it at

backpack28. Shark Backpack – If you just couldn’t get enough of “Sharknado” and watched it 50 times, or if you’re a fan of “Jaws,” Chevy Chase impressions, or Ole Miss land sharks, this is the backpack for you. The Triline Hot Deluxe Fashion Shark Backpack sells for $46.50.

9. Nike Vapor Backpack – You can find this sporty orange and blue backpack at Hibbet Sports for $65.

10. Brown Leather – It’s a simple, classic look, but a brown leather backpack can take you places, or you can take it places.

11.Robot Backpack – So it’s 2013, and we still don’t have human-like robots walking around in society. Well, maybe we do, but they’re not mechanically operated. Robots are retro-futuristic, and your little one may like the design. This Blue Robot Grade School Backpack can be found at for $49.99.

12. Minimal Backpack – It’s a simple black bag with a brown leather trim for the understated student who believes in having class in class. However, this one will cost you. Burberry sells them for $595.

13. Dinosaur Backpack – Most little kids like dinosaurs. You can bring one back from extinction by purchasing this Percival the Dino backpack by Beatrix New York from for $42.

backpack114. Airplane Backpack – If you buy your child this backpack, you’ll have to teach him to be grounded and make sure he doesn’t fly away too soon. It’s sold by Zid Zid Kids.

15. Teal and turquoise Backpacks – Teal and turquoise are still popular colors, and you can find many examples of backpacks like this on the Internet. Here’s a leather one from that costs $298.

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