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Unusual Mississippi mascots discussed on Yahoo blog

seahorseEast Union Attendance Center was discussed today on Yahoo’s “Prep Rally” sports blog. Writer Cameron Smith took note of the team’s unusual mascot – a sea urchin.

“There is no logical reason why a school in Mississippi should use the sea urchin as a mascot,” he said. “The school in question is not on the water, and Mississippi is not historically known as a particular sea-faring state, unless one conflates on a grandiose paddle boat on the Mississippi River as being seafaring.

“That in itself should be enough to push the Blue Springs (Ms.) East Union High Sea Urchins into the realm of the absurd and right to the top of the Mississippi mascot lists. Incredibly it doesn’t, thanks to an equally bizarre mascot that looks like a bouncy ball with giant spikes protruding from all of its surfaces.”

Smith goes on to talk about two other Mississippi schools and their unusual mascots – St. Stanislaus in Bay St. Louis and the Taylorsville High Tartars. You can read the full article here with more descriptions of mascots.

On a personal note, I grew up in Union County and attended one of its four county schools that included East Union. The other three have bird mascots – an eagle, falcon and hawk. I’ve always wondered why East Union chose the urchin and why they use a seahorse as their icon.

The school district website offered an explanation. East Union chose the urchin because someone decided that the initials E.U. could stand for “epic urchins.”

The name also ties into Greek mythology. Apparently, one of the gods had daughters who rode ocean waves on seahorses that they called “urchins.”
The epic urchin is the first mascot East Union ever had, and it remains the school’s mascot today. It became the official mascot in 1961 with the school colors brown and gold.

Click here to read more.

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