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Latest Find: Spoon and Fork Fashion

LaReeca Rucker

I recently attended a holiday craft fair in Oxford at The Jefferson, an event venue that welcomed craftspeople from all over the state who offered many interesting creations, from paintings to jewelry and ornaments.

I usually try to buy a few new ornaments each year for my tree, but I didn’t leave with any this year. I did walk away with a new silver and gold monogrammed bracelet.

What’s unique about the bracelet is that it’s made of flattened spoons. The seller, Mary Evans, of Designs By Me, is from Prentiss, Mississippi. She has other jewelry and pendants made from forks and spoons.

A customer asked if they custom made any pieces, and the seller’s helper said they did not. But it’s a cool idea. Who wouldn’t want to take some of their grandmother’s silverware and have a pendant or memento made from it. Most of the pieces I saw were under $30.


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