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Repurpose driven life, continued.

I recently wrote an article for The Clarion-Ledger about the repurpose trend that is being fueled by Here’s a couple of additional shots I took at a local flea market in a booth owned by Nicole Nelson, who is featured in the story. I love the colors of her weathered door. She’s the one who had transformed a claw-foot bathtub into a love seat, reminiscent of the one Audrey Hepburn had in her New York apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I just bought an old door myself that I want to transform like this, if I can ever find enough time to strip off its paint. Mine, I discovered, has glass window panes underneath the paint. And check out this chandelier. It’s old mattress springs with Christmas lights weaved in them. This is the view I had lying underneath it looking up. Very creative. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save

Repurpose driven life

Fueled by the economy, environmental awareness, and a creative desire to be innovative, repurposing is gaining popularity. The décor style, which appears to be a modern day take on California designer Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic brand (trademarked in 1989) has been updated and propelled by the popularity of Log on, and you’ll see pin after pin that are leading Mississippians to flea markets and thrift stores to salvage remnants of the past that they can transform and incorporate into their décor. It’s about turning trash into treasure, finding new appreciation for obsolete items that some would send to the landfill. If your antique dresser is worn and weathered, don’t stress — distress. Paint it a bright color and embrace it’s wear and tear. Some think the trend represents a generational shift sparked by the desire to save fading 20th century items — a sharp contrast with the recent mod décor revival that began in the new millennium. Mary Katherine McKelroy is trying to capitalize on the repurposing trend. She is taking over The Green …

Just pin it

Chances are you Facebook, you Tweet, but do you Pin? As, a visual bookmarking site that launched in March of 2010, continues to grow, an increasing number of Mississippians are describing it with the words “addictive” and “obsession.” Users pin images that are linked to other websites, sharing everything from craft and décor ideas to wisdom, travel and food pins on boards they create. “As long as you see an image on a page, you can pin it,” said Shawn Rossi. “Users can pin anything, from family photos to business presentations.” Rossi collects her future Pinterest projects on a “To-Do List” board. “We just bought a 1983 Prowler travel trailer from the ’80s, and we’re going to renovate it,” she said, recalling one of the ideas she found on the site. Natchez resident Shannon Jex compares the site to a SkyMall flight catalog “There are a million products in that little magazine,” she said. “Few of them have anything to do with one another, but you find yourself wanting one of each. I draw …

National Geographic reviews Oxford’s Taylor Grocery

National Geographic Traveler published a favorable review about Taylor Grocery today. The building constructed in 1889 was once a general store, but in 1977, the owners began cooking catfish, its signature dish. Today, it’s known as “The Catfish Place” with the motto “Eat or We Both Starve.” Read the National Geographic review here. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker.

Trends: The return of the ‘Holly Hobby’ baby bonnet

For a while, we’ve witnessed designers delving into 1960s, ’70s and ’80s fashion to create “new” styles. But now it appears we’re time traveling even further back to the “Little House on the Prairie” days. Baby bonnets, worn mostly at Easter, have remained popular, but their styles have continued to change throughout the years. However, lately, I’ve seen several, like this bonnet from Baby Soy U.S.A. fashioned in a “Holly Hobby” style reminiscent of those worn in the 1800s. You can buy this one for $29 for your little “Half-Pint.” Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save