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New Thriller/Horror Movie Suggestions for Halloween

It’s October, and that means it’s a great time to watch a thriller or scary movie. Every year, I try to compile a list of the best films I’ve seen from this genre. This year, I grouped the most recent films I’ve viewed into 10 categories. Check out my recommendations, and if you watch one or have seen one of the films I’ve listed, let me know what you thought about it. You can Tweet me at @lareecarucker.


Would Norman Bates approve?

Last week, I went blonde for our office Halloween party. Today, I thought I’d delve a little darker into the Halloween spirit. This tree dress that I refashioned using an old shift dress from a thrift store and upholstery fabric from a craft store, seemed like a fitting Halloween ensemble, even though I wear it year-round because I like tree prints. I guess I’ll be wearing it tonight at the Mississippi Museum of Art’s Screen on the Green showing of Psycho. It sounded like a Halloween night event worth checking out. Update: A picture from the event: Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save

I would never ever ever dress like Taylor Swift

Today, is the annual costume contest at work, so I put together something from my closet that appears to be a costume. I didn’t really want to be a witch again, and I didn’t find a costume in the costume store that appealed to me this year, so I just decided to be a blonde. Being blonde is my costume. I’ve had people guess that I am everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Betty from Mad Men, and even one of the Flintstones characters. Many, many people today guessed that I was Taylor Swift, but I can assure you that I would never ever ever dress like Taylor Swift. Nothing against her. I’m just a little too old for that. That would be like one of the male editors here dressing like Justin Bieber. Kind of creepy. Nope. I’m not anyone in particular.  I’m just a blonde, because being blonde is an alter-identity in itself when you have been a lifelong brunette. Any hair color change can make you feel like a different person. Sienna Miller …

How will you degrade your dog this Halloween?

While researching costumes for an article this year, I ran across a few interesting pet costumes that I’m sure would satisfactorily humiliate your dog this season. Exhibit A. –  Bacon Dog. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not really sure why bacon has become a popular costume for adults, children, babies and pets, but this poor dog has been degraded and brainwashed into believing he’s nothing more than a piece of meat. He should be safe trick-or-treating as long as he has a reflector on his collar and doesn’t get in the path of any larger, hungrier dogs, who mistake him for breakfast food. You have to love Dog Dinosaurs. Doesn’t your “put-him-in-your-purse dog” look much more ferocious wearing the body of a tyrannosaurus or stegosaurus? At least one night out of the year, he can cover his tiny frame and pretend he is a flesh-eating lizard of death before his person paints his toenails pink or makes him wear a lame T-shirt that reads something trite like “Woof!” Sad Bride is really bumming me out. She …

Crazy costumes for kids

I recently had to research popular costumes for 2012 to write a Halloween feature story. The article talked about costumes for kids and adults, but we didn’t cover babies and pets. So I thought I’d take this time to show you a few costumes I found on that made me laugh. I’m not sure if it’s too late to get your baby or dog one of these, but if so, there’s always next year. Astronaut Baby was one of the cutest choices I came across. If the right movie producer gets a look at this one, I’m sure we will be subjected to a comedy about a baby who crawls away and onto a U.S. spacecraft. He’s then sent up in space with a crew of astronauts who must juggle between making sure they survive the journey and changing dirty diapers. Larry David must write this script. I’m not really sure why bacon has become a popular Halloween costume in recent years, other than the fact that bacon is a food that is loved by …

These dolls might just send Stephen King over the edge

Have you ever looked at a porcelain doll sitting on a shelf and gotten a really creepy feeling about it? There are a number of horror films based on the idea. The whole “Chucky” series is about an doll that wreaks havoc, and creepy dolls are a Stephen King recurring theme. In “The Poltergiest,” a King-written screenplay, a little boy afraid of the clown that sits at the foot of his bed is later dragged under the bed by the doll. King wrote an “X-Files” episode about an evil doll, and one of the vignettes in his “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” series that originally aired last year on TNT was about a man (William Hurt) tormented by toys. A company of little green Army men battle him to his death. That’s why I think if someone bought Stephen King, (who obviously has major issues with dolls), one of the Strange Dolls I ran across online today and mailed it to him, it might just send him over the edge. The Web site says Strange Dolls aren’t …