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App-etite for technology

Here are a few apps I’ve downloaded this year. Some have proved useful; others I may eventually delete. Evernote – This notetaking tool helps you index, organize and retrieve notes and memos. Many have given it rave reviews, but others like myself have been hesitant about using it because it requires a login and appears to post your information to its online site. Because of privacy concerns, it will be a while before I feel comfortable letting this program store my thoughts. Siri – Siri is described as “your virtual personal assistant.” If you’re on the go and want to call a cab or locate a certain restaurant, type in your desire or speak it aloud, and Siri will assist. The screen format is well designed, but I haven’t found the app to be any more useful than Google. Trulia – This is a handy app if you’re looking to purchase a home. As a companion to the Trulia real estate website, it detects where you are if you happen to be driving around neighborhoods …

New iPhone apps

I recently dowloaded three new iPhone applications. For those familiar with the humor of LOL Cats, you’ll be glad to learn there’s an I Can Has Cheezburger app that enables you to view “capshuned” photos at your convenience. Classics is an app that opens to reveal a bookshelf filled with Alice in Wonderland, Call of the Wild, Robinson Crusoe, The Jungle Book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Paradise Lost and other classic novels. Just click on your book of choice and view it on your iPhone. It actually looks like you are turning a page, and when you leave your book to check out another application, a red bookmark appears to save your place. I’ve begun reading The Time Machine. I also added Phone Flix, an app that lets you handle your Netflix cue. Hopefully,An American Crime, starring Catherine Keener and Ellen Page is in my mailbox. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker.

Kindle app for iPhone

I got an iPhone for Christmas, and I’m fascinated by iPhone applications. Today, I read that Amazon has created a Kindle Application for iPhone that lets iPhone and iPod Touch users read the same electronic books, magazines and newspapers that Kindle owners can buy on Some others I have on my iPhone include Flixter, which shows descriptions and times of movies playing in theaters near you; iXpenseIt, an app that enables you to keep track of your spending; BigOven and AllRecipes for cooking; TMZ for celebrity gossip; and BubbleWrap, a fun little game. Of course, I use the Facebook app the most, and I recently added a Twitter application called Twitterrific. What apps do you use? Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker.