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Pup hats from Horn Lake

Want to turn your pup into an adorable red fox or monkey? Buy him a knit hat from Horn Lake Etsy seller talk2thetrees. Mixed-media Artist Rachael Thomas also has a blog showcasing her work. She describes herself as a “random girl, inspired by nature, trees, fairy tales, mushrooms, cemeteries, dreams, antique bottles, tarot cards and palm reading,” among other things. Pup hats sell for $14 each. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save

Sweet bluebird ring

I saw this ring on Etsy and it tweeted my name. Seller Missbluebirdandoscar describes her creation as “happiness for your finger.” The bird is a photograph of a vintage ceramic bluebird printed on shrink plastic. I await its arrival. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save

Mississippi monsters

They’re supposed to scare people, but how could anyone resist one of these adorable Mississippi monsters? Ocean Springs artist Stacey Johnson creates blue monsters using clay and a cookie cutter. You can find them for $13 on, and they can be hung anywhere. Etsy seller Iris1980 in Gulfport creates these wool felt appliques and stitches them on monster T-shirts that cost $16. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker.

Bird is still the word

I’m a fan of the bird motif, and today I ran across this vintage-style pillow with blue birds made by Hattiesburg seller AvalonSewingCo. I also found this pillow featuring caged birds by Jackson seller CottonColors. Click here to read previous posts about bird and tree motifs. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker.   Save

The Small Book Company

I am a big fan of, and my latest find is The Small Book Company. Jewelry artist Nicolette Tallmadge creates tiny earrings shaped like books. They were too cute to resist, so I ordered a pair. The company is geared toward book lovers who want to show their love and appreciation of books by dangling a pair from their ears. The tiny book covers are made from printed recycled paper, and each pair comes on an earring card that doubles as a mini book. Open the pages, and you can read about the history of the book. The free bookmark that came with my purchase made the product even more adorable. It features a quote by Henry Ward Beecher that reads “A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.” Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker.

Flashdance flashback

For a while, we’ve seen 1980s trends like bangles and neon colors make a fashionable return. Trends from the 1960s and 1970s are big now, as well as styles that first emerged in the 1920s and 1940s. Go retro, and it seems you can’t go wrong. I recently ran across these leg warmers while looking at one of my favorite Web sites, Stylehive, and they seem to be a blend of several decades. Don’t they remind you a little of a cross between leg warmers and long gloves that were popular from the 1940s-1960s? Maybe it’s the vintage-style shoe that makes the concept a little less “Flashdance?” They cost $30 on Etsy. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save