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Latest Find: Spoon and Fork Fashion

I recently attended a holiday craft fair in Oxford at The Jefferson, an event venue that welcomed craftspeople from all over the state who offered many interesting creations, from paintings to jewelry and ornaments.


Proud Larry’s in Oxford

One of my favorite restaurants in Oxford is Proud Larry’s on the Square. I usually wind up getting a chef salad or some pasta, but you can take a look at the menu with the link above. Here’s a few shots from a recent trip there. In case you’ve never been, there’s upstairs and downstairs seating, and if the temperatures right, you can have a meal outside on the patio. They also regularly host bands and musicians. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save

I own part of Square Books

My mother recently purchased this for me. It’s a piece of Square Books in Oxford with a certificate of authenticity that proves I actually own a piece of the popular bookstore. I think they were selling these as novelty items to raise funds for some kind of construction. When my mother posted on Facebook that I now owned a piece of Square Books, she received a lot of congratulatory comments. Unfortunately, this piece of wood is what she was talking about. 🙂 Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save

Want to hear William Faulkner’s Mississippi drawl? Check out this rare 1952 film.

‘Early in his life, William Faulkner had an epiphany: ‘I discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about, and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it.’” – From A website called “Open Culture” published a 1952 film this week shot shortly after Faulkner won the Nobel Prize for literature. Take a look at it to see footage of Oxford and its residents more than 60 years ago with glimpses of the square, the Ole Miss campus, Faulkner’s friends, The Oxford Eagle, and you’ll hear Faulkner’s Southern drawl, something I had never heard before watching it. Click the “Open Culture” link to watch the whole film that is broken into five, three-minute segments. Got a comment? E-mail me at or Tweet me at @lareecarucker. Save

Charlie Mars’ Mississippi roots

In the title song off Mississippi native Charlie Mars’ latest album, Blackberry Light (Rockingham Records/Thirty Tigers), he conveys the uncertainty of life for the young and the restless who ramble around trying to find their place in the world. “One minute I want to pick up and move on,” he sings. “The next minute I want to pack up and move home.” Home is Oxford, where Mars has lived since 2000 (minus a three-year stint in New York City) while building a career and fan base. “I live on the square in Oxford, and I have my coffee place that I go to, and life is good in Mississippi,” said Mars, who called from Annapolis, Md, while touring. “I travel a great deal, but it’s always been a nice place to come home to. I love being able to see my family and be close to them. And you can live a pretty nice life in Mississippi (cheaply). “Oxford feels like a cultural home, where someone who is a little different like me can fit …